A furry little life changes the world…….

…..Our friend “Jane” is 40 something. Never had a dog…..not as a child…not as an adult. She never married, never had a child. She always admired our Tribe and had her favorites. But her?… own a dog?…Her life was far too busy and they would tie her down. But something happened a few months back….I guess the fancy vacations and super duper cruises lost their luster…..Something was missing. Given “Jane’s” experience with our Tribe being rescues, that’s the route she went. A rescue! Clearly being a first time dog owner, adopting a Pittie or Rottie seemed too daunting. But at last she came home with this little handsome man! All this from a woman who is the most scrupulously clean, tidy, organized house keeper I can think of.To her credit, “Jane” adapted to the refreshing winds of change in the form of a little furry, loving little being that now shares her life. As she said at training class last night, “I wouldn’t give him up for the world. I just love him so!”…But, she’s not the only one in her family that has had a change of heart. Her Dad who thought she should not get a dog is crazy about the handsome little mug! I needed to hear that story….I needed to write it. PS: I think he looks a bit like a miniature version of our Sugar!

Little life....Big difference

Little life….Big difference

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